We are a strategic Marketing Consulting firm that develops transformational concepts for your brand and customer experience.

The Burning Platform

Two years into the pandemic the impact that companies feel on their business and their employees has been fundamental. Businesses now have everything in question: their current business model, the success of their digital transformation plans and how to manage post-pandemic recovery efforts. Based on the shift of customer interactions to almost 100% online, and employees working remotely, there is a continuous need to digitize and evolve previous go-to-market strategies as well as customer and employee experience journeys in many industries to stay competitive and grow.

How does your business measure up?

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The Solution

We can help you overcome these challenges

Our belief is that the following 3 pillars are key factors for successfully transforming your company’s go-to-market and digitization approach:

Customer Experience
Employee Experience
Company Strategy


Repositioning of a global Payments Brand through digital Marketing Transformation

Developed a complete redesign of the Go-to-Market strategy with Marketing at the core of the change implementation for a leading, global Payments provider. This “structure follows strategy approach” covered:

  • Unified Needs-based Segmentation and Persona development for all regions
  • Global Marketing Transformation Strategy
  • Brand Re-Positioning incl. Thought Leadership Content
  • Digital B2B Demand Generation program
  • Digital Customer Experience approach
  • Creation and definition of all Industry Segment specific Value Propositions
  • Restructuring of regional and build out of global Marketing department
  • “Lean” optimization of all key operational processes (eg. Demand Generation, Budget & Events Management, Content & Campaign Creation etc.)

This supported the growth strategy to become the largest, global non-bank Payment’s provider.