We are a strategic Marketing Consulting firm that develops transformational concepts for your brand and customer experience.

The Burning Platform

In an ever-evolving business landscape, businesses are currently faced with rapid change. The evolution of their current business model, the success of their digital transformation plans, and how to manage post-pandemic recovery efforts are all paramount.  Based on the shift of customer interactions to almost 100% online, and employees working remotely, there is a continuous need to digitize and evolve previous go-to-market strategies as well as customer and employee experience journeys in many industries to stay competitive and grow.

How does your business measure up?

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The Solution

We can help you overcome these challenges

Our belief is that the following 3 pillars are key factors for successfully transforming your company’s go-to-market and digitization approach:

Customer Experience
Employee Experience
Company Strategy


Repositioning of a global Payments Brand through digital Marketing Transformation

Developed a complete redesign of the Go-to-Market strategy with Marketing at the core of the change implementation for a leading, global Payments provider. This “structure follows strategy approach” covered:

  • Unified Needs-based Segmentation and Persona development for all regions
  • Global Marketing Transformation Strategy
  • Brand Re-Positioning incl. Thought Leadership Content
  • Digital B2B Demand Generation program
  • Digital Customer Experience approach
  • Creation and definition of all Industry Segment specific Value Propositions
  • Restructuring of regional and build out of global Marketing department
  • “Lean” optimization of all key operational processes (eg. Demand Generation, Budget & Events Management, Content & Campaign Creation etc.)

This supported the growth strategy to become the largest, global non-bank Payment’s provider.