Nicole Zimmermann

Nicole is a Marketing, Communications, and Change Management executive with more than 20 years of business excellence and leadership experience, coupled with extensive knowledge of global Markets. She develops successful go-to-market strategies focused on needs-based segmentation, brand positioning, digital Marketing, customer experience journeys and value-based propositions. She also helps companies transform their business models through cultural change management while infusing operational excellence and creating efficiencies by leveraging lean methodologies and agile principles. In addition she is a passionate champion of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as coach and mentor to top talents across the world. Other expertise include fractional CMO, Board Services, academic Guest Lecturer at leading Business Schools and Key Note Speaker.

Bjorn Leigvold

Mr. Bjorn Leigvold, a Partner at ZELOCIN™️ & Partners, is a senior global marketing executive with demonstrated success overseeing the strategy, vision, and direction of a marketing organization.  He has led multi-national, broad-based initiatives in both B2B and B2C environments and has deep expertise and experience in the development and execution of global Go-To-Market strategies, demand generation, revenue marketing, segmentation, analytics, vertical/industry-specific market development, value proposition development, and branding & positioning. 

Mr. Leigvold is an astute marketeer, proficient at balancing strategic thinking, developing future growth plans, and executing for results. He has successfully delivered company growth goals for large, multinational companies as well as for small and medium-sized start-up ventures.   Bjorn is an action-oriented, hands-on, adaptable, and people-oriented global leader that builds and nurtures high-performing teams.

Repositioning of a global Payments Brand through digital Marketing Transformation

Developed a complete redesign of the Go-to-Market strategy with Marketing at the core of the change implementation for a leading, global Payments provider. This “structure follows strategy approach” covered:

  • Unified Needs-based Segmentation and Persona development for all regions
  • Global Marketing Transformation Strategy
  • Brand Re-Positioning incl. Thought Leadership Content
  • Digital B2B Demand Generation program
  • Digital Customer Experience approach
  • Creation and definition of all Industry Segment specific Value Propositions
  • Restructuring of regional and build out of global Marketing department
  • “Lean” optimization of all key operational processes (eg. Demand Generation, Budget & Events Management, Content & Campaign Creation etc.)

This supported the growth strategy to become the largest, global non-bank Payment’s provider.